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Better information allows community members to use a finite number of local resources more efficiently and match those resources with their needs more effectively. Using our informative resource Guide, we help connect people who need services with the agencies providing help.

Our Community Connections Resource Guide contains one of the most comprehensive listings of essential need agencies serving Sarasota and Manatee counties.


We offer new and innovative programs and services to help residents identify, access, and effectively utilize local resources to meet their essential needs.

See what can be accomplished when a passionate and empowered team focuses on improving their community’s health.


Residents can keep up to date on important information or upcoming programs and events by viewing our essential needs event calendar.

We also specialize in helping organizations better reach, inform and engage marginalized residents about upcoming programs or services. Using our proprietary, robust database, we can more effectively share, publish, and post announcements for specific audiences, community advocates, or collaborating nonprofit agencies.

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